Grad Trip.

I like drinking and still being sober after.

Now, I know it isn’t good for my long term health and what not (especially with my pretty weak body), but it enables me to reflect a lot more about my life and what actions I can take to improve it.

Grad Trip had been really good so far, and i believe its primarily because of my low expectations of it from the beginning. This stems from my feelings of gratitude that I am even able to have a grad trip in the first place. Some things I was personally disappointed though which I might have to address eventually, but overall it has been a really good trip!:)

However, after some reflection, it got me thinking about this slight emotional baggage i have right now. Some of you reading will understand what I am talking about as I have been pretty open about it, but it’s about me being pretty cold towards a friend of mine because of certain events. I have been whining about the situation for quite awhile already, and i believe its time to stop. If I am to achieve my desire to live a healthy and happy life while contributing and empowering other people at the same time, such things cannot bother me anymore. From this instance, I choose to let go of what happened and let things move on (note to self: schedule an appointment to share my thoughts with the person so that he/she can improve in the future).

On another note, gained tons of weight during this trip. I NEED to exercise my ass off once its over, no excuses. Just hope my knees will be strong enough for the upcoming month:/

Preparing for life after graduation

So exams are ending in less than 2 weeks time, and that’s when real life BEGINS. I might have constantly mentioned about how excited I am and all and have educated myself to prepare for it, but it does not mean that I am fully ready. Unfortunately, the resistance is still acting upon me, and I haven’t practiced all the good habits (or taken out all the bad ones) that I really want to have. So, off the top of my head, these are what I want to start working towards:

  • Coming up with a concrete personal finance & investing plan (Which includes creating additional bank accounts and confirming my personal allocations from the beginning)
  • Developing my ebook/course on getting started on investing for young graduates (Which involves researching and content development)
  • Getting started on a more structured health & fitness plan (Which includes exercise & in the future, meal plans as well)
  • Coming up with a website for personal/professional use
  • Educating myself for my future job scope, careers, and personal projects (Which includes finding what courses I want to enroll for, personal biz dvp & canvassing, etc)

Can’t wait to get out of the bubble, not sure if I would be regretting feeling this way in a few weeks time. Haha. At least I still have my grad trip to look forward to first!!

Self realisation: Information Overload

My recent posts have been mostly about my observations about the world. However, this time it will be something that I have observed about myself. It’s a thought that has been nagging at me for a number of weeks already. Shall write it all down here to hopefully, put my mind a little more at ease.

I LOVE information, and I digest them from the following avenues: kindle, feedly, Facebook, Twitter, audible, podcasts, and YouTube. I educate and update myself a lot about A LOT of topics, from personal productivity, sucked, entrepreneurship, psychology, investing & finance, startups, career, business strategy, digital marketing, future trends, leadership etc. They are all topics that I am genuinely interested in.

However, I am pretty worried about the amount of information I have been taking in recently. While its true that I am curious over what I personally believe are more ‘practical’ subjects, I am afraid that it has evolved to a form of escapism for myself. At the same time, satisfying my curiosity has made me less guilty when I believed I should have been taking in more information instead.

Just hope that when I graduate, I will be doing more meaningful things and put my knowledge into good use. Also, I will need to find a way to perhaps, reduce the amount of information I take in or at least, structure it in such a way that I don’t mindlessly read/watch whatever that comes to my screen at that point of time.

But then again, this also reinforces my belief that I am more of a strategist/thinker than an operator/executioner. #random

Ahh life. So much out there to learn, discover, and be amazed by.


One insanely valuable thing I learnt from one of my favourite thought leaders, Gary Vaynerchuk, is the importance of self-awareness. It is not about the mystical philosophical awareness etc, but just simply about knowing what are your strengths and weaknesses. Some people have the luxury of knowing what they are good at and leveraging on that to do well in their lives, but the majority of us do not.

One simple (and fun!) exercise anyone can do is to meet up with the 10 people that are closest to them, and asking each of them what they believe what is his/her strengths & weaknesses. However, most people will not dare to share with their actual thoughts on what they believe are your weaknesses for fear of offending you. That is when you need to make it psychologically safe and let the other person know your rationale in doing so.

Only when you are self-aware, will you be able to leverage your strengths to go all out and do good for yourself and others, while hedging on your weaknesses at the same time. This can lead to an increased quality of life, happiness, and a bigger sense of purpose.

Stable when you are 25? Really?

Of course, choosing a company that provides you with the most amount of money, time, and recognition is important. However, so many young graduates out there are taking the short term view on their perceived road to success.

It’s only when you are young that you can afford to eat and live simply, for the promise of a higher purpose in the future.

It’s only when you are young that you do not have as many commitments, and therefore have more time to explore what you really want to do.

Wanting to be stable, simple, and rich when you are 25? Unless you have been working towards for it all your life, it’s something that does not come really easy.

It’s only when you are young, do you have the capability and ability to explore, learn, take risks, be unstable, and still bounce back stronger than ever.

Of course, there are many out there that need to take short term decisions because of their contextual realities. No problem with that.

But it’s the hundreds or even thousands out there, that would do much better if they understand that if you want to achieve a good quality of life and presumably, happiness, looking for stability right after you graduate might not be the best decision.

Just a 24-year old’s opinion.

Importance of Education

Some people just want to make it big in the world, to earn as much as possible, to promote as high as possible, to retire as fast as possible.

But, many need to realise that they aren’t doing enough.

Just learning the theories in school isn’t enough. Just doing the internship isn’t enough. Just having a full-time job isn’t enough.

People need to realise that constant education is the key to success. 

Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to cost money. Subscribing to an industry thought leader, watching an educational Youtube video, borrowing a book from the library.

And that’s just the first step.


The Resistance

Currently listening to a book called The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, and it talks about this invisible force called the Resistance. Basically, he conceptualises anything in our mind that deters us from moving towards closer to our goal as the Resistance, and encourages us to keep going despite it. Every single day of our lives, the Resistance is always working against us, to stop us from doing good work that will benefit the world.

What about work that will not necessarily do good for the world, like let’s say, an assignment or studying for a quiz for your degree GPA? Should you still work like crazy to overcome it? Giving myself tons of excuses to not go ahead with producing quality work since school started this semester, and quite worried about the eventual results that it will bring about. Of course, I did secure a job already, but does that mean that I should not be giving my 100%?

Some things to think about.