Lessons from Jane Woodall

Started the day with sore muscles, but glad I still managed to force myself to get up to hear Jane Woodall live, with her talk about the environment and how we as young people have all the power to save it. Additionally, what she said about how success = preparation + opportunity really struck me. While you might not always be successful all the time by being hardworking, you will never succeed without hard work, simply said.

Also, recently found out on Facebook that my ex junior from band discussed a similar topic during his (valedictorian?) speech. So happy for him that he managed to achieve so much!

Got a call from JP Morgan later on in the day too, which really highlighted this point. While I did prepare for the interview in terms of researching the company etc, I did not prepare for every single question available and hence the interview did not come about as well as I hoped. The opportunity was there, but I guess I was not able to make use of it fully. Now we’ll see if it was enough haha.

On a side note, got into UK for the exchange program. Really excited! But so much stuff to settle first. Arghh.

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Is your word LAW?

Read a Facebook post about an hour ago, and what the point my friend was trying to bring across really struck me which is, does whatever you say have MEANING to you? Many times we tell ourselves we will lose the weight, start that business, start investing etc, but somehow we never commit to whatever we set out to do. However, if you switch your mindset and tell yourself that whatever you say is LAW and you will do it whatever it takes, your life will definitely change.

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Learning from failures

I made my first loss on a trade last week, $2500 to be exact. While this might not be a lot compared to other people, it was about 30% of my portfolio all on one trade.

Did I regret whatever I did? No. Others might complain and feel super frustrated with whatever that have happened, but I chose to look at this experience as a lesson learnt instead, with regards to what I should do, what i shouldn’t, and how can I improve my strategies and actions to make sure this doesn’t happen again. After all, it could have been more than $2500?

After all, it’s all in the mind.

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And it all begins

Just one more day before school starts again! But these holidays have been pretty eventful, went to SEA aquarium, Adventure Water Cove which was so much more fun than expected, went to Malaysia with Vega, dance camp, and the investment sharing session that I just conducted today, which I really appreciated having the chance to do so, sharing information with my friends and helping them to take a deeper interest in investing.

My goal this year is to reach out to at least 20 people, which might be a slight challenge given that there is exchange so I only have till like August to do so? Haha. Will never forget the thing that Zig Ziglar mentioned which is that if I want to have what I want, I just have to help enough people achieve what they want, which is essentially about creating value for others. #Remindertoself

But now, I guess its more important to focus on the more pertinent issues aka school life. Haha. Bring it on!

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Meetup with Resh

Just thought I had to post about this one. Not sure if it’s the momentum from my previous blog post, or my talk with a friend that I should post more next semester, because I seriously wasn’t planning to. Funniest thing is that this was supposed to be a personal development blog! Now it just becomes some form of a mini diary. Haha.

Anyway met up with Resh today, my mentor who is of the same age (22). To date, he has donated over $60,000 in charity, made six figures from all his businesses, and has really inspired and helped so many people through his journey! Really glad that I decided to message him on FB one fine day during my army days. It has been so inspirational looking at him grow from a boy with huge dreams to someone that is achieving so much now, not just financially.

Anyway we didn’t talk for very long but did gain valuable insights from him, such as how regardless of the job I have in the future, it’s about making sure that it comes to a point that I can choose to leave when I want, being able to work because I want to, not because I need to. Talked about earning alternative sources of income as well, no matter how small they are now, because they have the potential to become bigger and it will definitely expose me. Speaking about exposure, with regards to finding my life purpose, he advised that I just keep talking and being open to people from different cultures, life experiences and age groups, etc, to gain more insights and be clearer on what i want to do more in the future, which will definitely be something I want to do this year.

Quite excited for my investment sharing sessions that I am going to hold in the future too, first one being next Saturday!  Feels good being able to help empower other people to take better life decisions.

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2014 End of year Review

My last post was more than 1 year ago around this period, so the question is, have I led this year as well as I wanted it to be? Looking back this year has been a lot of ups and downs in various aspects of my life, so for memory’s sake, going to look at the few major ones in detail:

1. HOCC: So glad that I took dance up, one of the decisions that really caused me to move outside my comfort zone, ever. It was crazy with the crazy nights of practicing the same move over and over again, going all out thinking it would be the last time, before going out again. The performance wasn’t as good as our best rehearsal though (When has it ever?), but it was such a crazy experience dancing for just 6 minutes out there for the whole of NTU to see. Totally different from playing the tuba seating at the back and relaxing whenever you want. Haha. Oops.

2. 2013/2014 S2. Got an unexpected 1st class honours (Which I tried to take advantage of in my internship applications, but to no avail haha), which really made the semester really satisfying, but most important is the number of good friends I made during the semester, mostly from Vega, whom I got to know on a much more personal level. Don’t know if any of them will ever be reading this, but they really made my Uni life 1000 times better.

3. Asiaworks Course. Basically, it was a personal development course spanning over 5 days and it opened my eyes so much. Sadly I could only afford to go for part 1 only due to financial and time constraints with uni and all. But anyway, part 1 was about self awareness, and besides gaining so much insight about a human and its needs & wants, especially with the part about self image and how everyone is always trying to paint an image of themselves to others, it also got me to be so much more grateful for all the opportunities that I have to be who I am today. Be it my parents, relatives, books or even the Internet, I am so thankful for all the blessings and gifts that I have received till today. Well this course ultimately still did not ‘up my engine’ as I posted about last year, it helped me to gain so much more.

4. 2014/2015 S1. Not that upset about the GPA that I got this semester but more of the fact that my Banking & Finance mods did so much worse than I hoped/expected. Really questions my whole intention of wanting to join this industry, especially with the fact that there are constantly news of frauds and manipulation cases by all the large financial institutions around the world. Certainly need to sit down and think this through. Also, this semester kinda taught me first hand about how it’s really hard to be friends and stay in contact constantly with many people at once. Haha.

5. Doubling my investment account this year. Ever since I started on my investment journey, I used to just go for Resh’s sharing sessions and just copying their trades but recently, have been doing my own due diligence and making my own decisions. Learnt so many lessons! Especially with regards to the stocks of HLF and EBIX, which gave me some steady cash flow but headaches at times.

Other things to be grateful about include: reaching out to more people about personal development (Does this count?), starting out on personal finance, starting my investment sharing sessions, starting on FIFA 15, watching Game of Thrones/Suits, being the ACP for hall FOC, etc. Some of them sound quite funny but I am still really grateful for them hahaha.

Of course, there were some things I want to do much better and believe I can. 

First of all is definitely my IPPT. Update as of today? I cannot run anymore till my knee fully recovers, which might take up to 6 months. Pretty bummed about how my knee gave way because I ran too much, cuz I really wanted the $500 to spend as I wish without thinking about how my income comes solely from my parents now. Aye.

HOWEVER, it definitely isn’t an excuse for my fast food diet which was working so well initially. It’s like just because I could’t exercise, doesn’t mean I should stop my dietary habits too. I definitely failed in this aspect. Not planning to next year.

Haven’t read as many books as I hoped I could this year too, though it was quite a good number. Basically, I need to cut time for my ‘relaxation’ activities, as I do believe it’s too much and I should definitely reduce it next semester.

Anyway so, I have created a personal action list for myself which I myself would be personally accountable for. They include:

1. Doing AT LEAST 30 push ups, 30 crunches and 30 leg lifts every day. Regardless of what happened in the day/night, etc. It’s a commitment to myself. Well it probably doesn’t help for IPPT, its a very small step to staying healthy and fit, and I plan to escalate these exercises to much more once my knee recovers.

2. Only having fast/fried food TWICE A WEEK. Period. Going to face a lot of challenges on this one.

3. Watching a maximum of 2 dramas/comedy/movies every weekday, and 3 every weekend.

4. Watching at least 1 Ted Talk/Documentary/Personal Development talk per week.

5. Reading 10 pages of a book PER DAY.

There are probably 10000 other habits that I should pick up to improve my life even better. However, I am going to start with all this and make sure that I stick to it before adding more. All this isn’t much but I am certain it will lead to even bigger and better habits.

On another note:

i have been genuinely trying see the best in everyone, but this year I have been pretty exposed to really judgemental people that tend to see the negatives in others whenever they have the chance to, especially with the people they don’t really click with etc. Not hating on anyone, but find it quite saddening, though I know there will always be people like that I guess? Hmm. Haha.

To end off, the upcoming year should be pretty exciting, with exchange, Tony Robbins coming (YES) and Professional Attachment coming up. Going to be pretty exciting! Next year should be pretty interesting and I expect it to be really memorable, just like how 2014 has turned out to be. While I haven’t really found what I wanted to do exactly in the future as of yet, but I am sure it will come to me as time goes. What I can do now is to focus on creating value for and helping other people as much as I can, enjoy the ride, and it will come naturally.

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Holidays: A Time For Reflection

It has been 2 weeks since holidays just started, and I have definitely been rotting more than I should. Along the way in the rat race to attain results in NBS, I guess I have neglected a lot of things that should have been my focus in the first place. Well, better late than never. Whatever happened to the individual who had big dreams & goals? Need to start my engine up again. Looking at my small number of friends that are actually setting out to achieve what they want in life, I need to start becoming more like them. Need to sit down & rethink my priorities, create an action plan and stick to it. Need to start practicing whatever I have been preaching. Focus focus! 

Happy holidays everyone!

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