Moving off soon!

Okay, so I just invested about $130 in The Grid, where it’s a website creation software that uses AI. Hopefully it works well, cuz tbh I am quite lazy when it comes to combining both creativity and technical knowledge. Yikes. When the Beta/Actual product is released I will be migrating what little posts and nuggets of wisdom (hopefully) to that website, and hopefully it all works out eventually. Haha.



Going to be an exciting 5 months. Through this, besides just having fun, I really wish to be able to find out what I truly want to do in life. Currently it’s to do more with personal development or productivity I guess, or along the lines of being a trainer/personal life coach or something? Regardless, I got pretty inspired by to start my own professional blog, which was why I made the investment to get it started. Will get down to it once I settle down in the UK :)

Recently, I released my 2nd E Book titled 155 Things to a number of people, which was pretty cool as well.

Till then, tata!

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Random Musings

So things the previous week hasn’t been doing so well lately, but just so grateful that I have so many wonderful friends around me. Have been pleasantly surprised by the number of people who wished me well, and that I am sure regardless what happens I always have people to pick me up :) And of course, it means I will be there anytime to pick them up too.

Well unfortunately, haven’t been following the Morning Miracle as much as i would like. Can’t seem to wake up especially when I sleep really late. Habits habits habits. Reminder to self: It’s okay to fail. You just have to get back up and keep going.

Talked to a friend today who really kicked my ass. Need to start doing things and be more productive in life. Ready to go full out.

Have been downloading a few productivity apps lately, such as Pocket & Trello. Download Medium to read some articles too. Quite happy, still at the midst of creating my daily habits. Haha. Next: To be an Idea Machine!

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The Morning Miracle

So it’s 715am in the morning, and I am blogging! Tell me a year ago that I would be doing this and I would never believe it. Life has been good, starting on this thing called the Morning Miracle, where you wake up super early to do a couple of actions, starting your day right, positive and strong. I don’t wake up at 5am like some of the people here, but I am enjoying it still definitely. Some of the things I have achieved so far are:

– Exercising Every Morning since then

– Organised another investment class

– Helping my friend feel a little more inspired to improve her relationships and life in general

Start with small wins to make way for the big win. So yepp!

Internship hasn’t been as bad as I expected too, so all is good. Looking forward to do and contribute more before exchange starts.

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Personal Success: Tony Robbins Comes to Singapore!

So from 6th – 7th May, I finally managed to meet Tony Robbins live! While I was like all the way at the back of the stage, it still felt so surreal being able to learn and listen to him right here in Singapore. My friend was mentioning how you can put a price on such seminars/courses, but I really beg to differ. I mean, the value that i have got for these 2 days have been so incredible. I am so much more excited for what life has to offer (Yes, even after university life and exchange), and so determined to do much more. Not going to list the lessons that I have learnt here, but my friend’s blog perfectly illustrated some of the wisdom that he shared over the 2 days he has been here.

One thing however, is really the power of state! it’s really quite incredible how motion and create emotion.

Anyway, internship is going to start, really excited about it!

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Work to Rest, or Rest to Work?

So recently I subscribed to a very interesting newsletter from Darren Hardy, founder of the Success! Magazine, so what it talked about today was how many people out there work 5 days a week so that they can rest for 2 days, but how a minority manage to rest so that they can work. Work, in this sense is not doing something that they dislike, but to truly do something where they are able to achieve, contribute, and grow at the same time.

Even with all the ‘contextual’ realities that people say will prevent them from being able to do such a thing, I truly believe that for such a developed and fortunate nation like Singapore, people are not happy or don’t feel satisfied in life because they settle. Not saying that it’s bad to settle for less of course, but if it’s the reason why your life seems so mundane, boring and unhappy even, there’s definitely something you can do to change it around, whether you are a university student or a working adult.

Oh and another note, I just read and reminded myself again about the power of vocabulary. No more using the word “lazy”. Worked well for me during JC, gonna make sure it happens again. Haha.

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Tip: Make a list of five people you admire the most.

“Read everything about them. Write down things you can do to be more like them.

Remember you are the average of the five people you surround yourself with. But don’t forget they can be virtual mentors as well as real-life ones.”

Think this is some really good advice which I found from Business Insider! And it sounds really exciting too, virtual mentors and all. Haha. Now the only person I can think of is Anthony Robbins, now the fun challenge is to find 4 other people that I can model after and follow. Haha.

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Developing Habits

A lot of interesting things have been happening so far, helping out my friends with accounting which somehow is something I really enjoy, gaining interest into corporate finance and definitely most recently, the death of our Minister Mentor Lee Kwan Yew. Definitely a lot has been said about him, but I believe i have already prepared for the day that he would leave us already, and have privately gave thanks and appreciated what he has done already. Not everything needs to be posted on social media right? Haha. Still, its really a pity that he is gone, and I never had the opportunity to be around to be at his presence for a talk, etc.

With that said, I am pretty excited because I downloaded an app called List- Daily success from Android! It really helps to track and make sure I do my daily tasks in order for that tick in the app. Start small first, aim for bigger things in the future. :)

Anyway, its indeed quite worrying that I have had no luck with any internship yet. Still, I believe that good things will happen regardless, and having an internship right now will not affect whether I have a fulfilled life in the future #lifegoeson

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